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2003 Journal Links

Oct 26th - Archie is born
Oct 31st - Today, Archie is five days old
Nov 1st - We called the NICU at 3 a.m.
Nov 3rd - Archie's billirubin is down
Nov 4th - Today was Archie's due date
Nov 6th - Yesterday was the most trying day of our lives
Nov 9th - I think we knew that something
Nov 11th - Good day, bad day
Nov 13th - Archie looked great this morning
Nov 16th - If prayers were audible...
Nov 18th - I got to hold my son today
Nov 19th - John is back working again
Nov 20th - Archie slept all day
Nov 22th - I think I know what it’s like to be deaf
Nov 24th - Archie decided to stop fighting the ventilator
Nov 27th - Thanksgiving At the NICU
Nov 28th - John held Archie tonight
Nov 30th - If Archie doesn’t like something, he let’s you know
Dec 3rd - Archie will go for his first plane ride
Dec 5th - Tomorrow Archie will travel to Charleston, to the city where his father was born
Dec 8th - We got up extra early
Dec 10th - Although I spent the entire day at the hospital...
Dec 14th - The doctors attempted to extubate Archie twice
Dec 15th - We’re going to buff ‘em and shine ‘em up
Dec 17th - Santa Claus introduced himself to Archie today
Dec 18th - Archie is doing well
Dec 19th - Archie is continues to do well
Dec 23rd - It is Tuesday morning
Dec 26th - “Are you sure you’re Archie Moore?”

2004 Journal Entries

Jan 4th - John is holding Archie and feeding him his bottle
Jan 11th - We dressed him in a light blue sleeper
Jan 14th - Oh, how I've missed Days of Our Lives
Jan 18th - Patient & Family Satisfaction Improvement Survey
Jan 20th - Archie discovered his hands last weekend
Jan 15th - Babies like this
Jan 29th - Archie Moore is a flirt
Feb 11th - I'm watching Archie study his fist
Feb 23rd - Guess who gained eleven ounces his first week off Portagen?
Mar 2nd - My throat began feeling raw yesterday afternoon
Mar 10th - Tummy Time
Mar 15th - I hate those machines!
Mar 31st - Archie was not interested in his early intervention therapies today
Apr 13th - Well-baby check-up
Apr 21st - Today Archie's world got a little bit bigger
May 7th - It's difficult to write
May 30th - I took Archie to the CDS yesterday
Jun 20th - I know I don't update my journal as frequently as I once did
Jun 29th - We Achie to Budka's
Aug 26th - Archie fights sleep with a fierce tenacity
Sep 12th - Yeah, I know. I need to post more
Oct 26th - Today you are one


Tummy Time
by Anne Moore

Archie's early intervention therapist (E. I.), Christy, visited Monday morning. Kim, the E. I. Archie will begin working with next week, also visited. Christy and Kim put Archie on a purple exercise ball for tummy time. The little man didn't like the ball too much, but he held his head up nicely anyway, probably so he could look in my direction and scream, which he did very well.

When his screaming wore Christy and Kim down, the girls transferred Archie to a mat with a water pocket, shaped like an octopus. Archie really liked the mat, and held his head up for a long time, looking at the octopus's face. Christy showed Archie how the water in the mat splashed when she touched the water pocket. He tried to make the water splash himself, but his touch was too light. Just the same, he touched his hand to the mat several times, seemingly baffled as to why he wasn't able to make the water splash around. This frustrated him, too, so he soon scrunched up his eyes and tossed his head, voicing his frustration with a jagged, "Ahh, ahh!"

Christy also worked with Archie, encouraging him to reach for rattles and shakers. Archie really liked a moraca with a green palm tree on it. He grasped the toys, especially the moraca, several times and pulled the items toward his mouth.

This Friday Archie's physical therapist (P. T.) Victor is scheduled to visit. Last Friday Victor worked on Archie's head control, as well as rolling over and sitting. Victor is very gentle and kind, and the little man seems to like him very much. In fact, Archie clicked his tongue at Victor once or twice. Although Archie does smile occasionally, a click of his tongue seems to be a more accurate indication of whether or not he's fond of someone. Archie stared at Victor thoughtfully, cocking his head to the side, and clicked his tongue as the P. T. achored Archie's hip to the floor before he maneuvered the baby into a sitting position . "That means he likes you," I told Victor. Archie worked so hard during his session with Victor last Friday that he was sweating at the end of the hour.

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