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2003 Journal Links

Oct 26th - Archie is born
Oct 31st - Today, Archie is five days old
Nov 1st - We called the NICU at 3 a.m.
Nov 3rd - Archie's billirubin is down
Nov 4th - Today was Archie's due date
Nov 6th - Yesterday was the most trying day of our lives
Nov 9th - I think we knew that something
Nov 11th - Good day, bad day
Nov 13th - Archie looked great this morning
Nov 16th - If prayers were audible...
Nov 18th - I got to hold my son today
Nov 19th - John is back working again
Nov 20th - Archie slept all day
Nov 22th - I think I know what it’s like to be deaf
Nov 24th - Archie decided to stop fighting the ventilator
Nov 27th - Thanksgiving At the NICU
Nov 28th - John held Archie tonight
Nov 30th - If Archie doesn’t like something, he let’s you know
Dec 3rd - Archie will go for his first plane ride
Dec 5th - Tomorrow Archie will travel to Charleston, to the city where his father was born
Dec 8th - We got up extra early
Dec 10th - Although I spent the entire day at the hospital...
Dec 14th - The doctors attempted to extubate Archie twice
Dec 15th - We’re going to buff ‘em and shine ‘em up
Dec 17th - Santa Claus introduced himself to Archie today
Dec 18th - Archie is doing well
Dec 19th - Archie is continues to do well
Dec 23rd - It is Tuesday morning
Dec 26th - “Are you sure you’re Archie Moore?”

2004 Journal Entries

Jan 4th - John is holding Archie and feeding him his bottle
Jan 11th - We dressed him in a light blue sleeper
Jan 14th - Oh, how I've missed Days of Our Lives
Jan 18th - Patient & Family Satisfaction Improvement Survey
Jan 20th - Archie discovered his hands last weekend
Jan 15th - Babies like this
Jan 29th - Archie Moore is a flirt
Feb 11th - I'm watching Archie study his fist
Feb 23rd - Guess who gained eleven ounces his first week off Portagen?
Mar 2nd - My throat began feeling raw yesterday afternoon
Mar 10th - Tummy Time
Mar 15th - I hate those machines!
Mar 31st - Archie was not interested in his early intervention therapies today
Apr 13th - Well-baby check-up
Apr 21st - Today Archie's world got a little bit bigger
May 7th - It's difficult to write
May 30th - I took Archie to the CDS yesterday
Jun 20th - I know I don't update my journal as frequently as I once did
Jun 29th - We Achie to Budka's
Aug 26th - Archie fights sleep with a fierce tenacity
Sep 12th - Yeah, I know. I need to post more
Oct 26th - Today you are one


Archie visited his pediatrician last week for a well-baby check-up
by Anne Moore

Archie visited his pediatrician last week for a well-baby check-up. Dr. Jacques was very pleased with Archie's progress, physically and developmentally. "You should be very proud of your son," she told me.

I am.

Archie amazes me every day. He's already proven himself a survivor, but each day he reveals to his father and me another faucet of his personality. I tell you, it is a pleasure to get to know this bright and charming little boy.

Let me share with you what we've recently learned about our son. Archie loves to kick his feet. In fact, he kicks them so vigorously that we can't keep socks on him at all. Archie is also very interested in his feet. He enjoys grabbing them with his hands and rolling from side to side, side to side. At night, before his bath, I strip Archie down to his diaper and let him play in his crib while I draw the water, lay out his clothing. He watches his mobile go round and round, round and round, kicking his feet until one foot comes to rest on his crib bumper and other the leg, bent at the knee, is propped against his mattress. The joy Archie derives from watching his mobile is infectious. And my son loves his bath. Sometimes he surrenders himself to the warm water, relaxing every muscle. Other times he jerkily moves his arms and legs, splashing soapy bubbles all over me, the bathroom mirror and the floor.

And Archie loves listening to music, laughing as his father blows raspberries on his tummy, and playing with his toys. He waves his plastic beads around his head again, and again, and again. I enjoy watching Archie lie on his play mat, delicately pinching the foot of a toy bird hanging above him between his thumb and pointer finger.

As I sit typing, Archie has flipped himself from his back to his tummy. His head just popped up and he turned to look at me, over on this side of the room, as if to say, "Look at me, Mommy! I'm so pleased with myself! Are you?" I must tell Archie a hundred times a day how wonderful he is. This little boy will not lack self-confidence, of that I'm sure.

If Archie is self-assured, he also knows his own mind. He only cooperates when he wants to, and certainly lets us know when he would rather do something differently than we wish him to. And Archie loves convincing us to try things his way. He has his wiles and we succumb to them every time. It is difficult to protest when Archie offers me a gummy smile, or shares a belly laugh with me. He is most beguiling when he touches my chin, my nose, my cheeks with his little hand, smiling all the while. What a sweet, sweet boy this little man is.

I need to go now and prepare Archie's 6 o'clock bottle and tiny bowl of cereal. Archie eats well from a spoon, much better than I ever expected him to. It is exciting for me when I find out that I sold Archie short by the expectations I set for him. Archie anticipates the spoon by opening his mouth, and sometimes even tries to help me guide the cereal into his mouth by grabbing the spoon with his own hand. I have no idea how much cereal he manages to consume at each sitting, but together we delight in the process, Archie and me. He learns from me and I learn from him. And I suppose it will go on like this for the rest of our lives, this reciprocal learning building a shared affection for one another, for all things new.

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